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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Carbon Fasting: A movement or merely (for some) a religious obligation?

Posted in Climate Change

Reducing one’s carbon footprint has been a mantra for awhile– nothing particularly new there. But I was intrigued when various religious leaders were making a call for a “carbon fast” as part of the beginning of Lent (for some Christians, particularly Catholics, Lent is the 40 day observance of reflection and sacrifice– usually in the… Continue Reading

Kerry-Boxer Bill – Part Two of a Many-Part Series: The Personal Transportation Sector

Posted in Alternative Fuels, Legislation, Natural Resources and Environment

The simple fact is that America’s love affair with the automobile has a whole lot to do with making us not only the largest producer of greenhouse gases but also the largest per capita producer of greenhouse gases in the world. [China’s race to become the second largest producer of greenhouse gases is fueled in… Continue Reading

United Nations Climate Chief Resigns Leaving the State of International Negotiations Uncertain

Posted in Climate Change, Natural Resources and Environment

By Rebecca Anderson Yvo De Boer, after serving for three years as chief of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) and is widely credited for raising the profile of climate change issues on the international agenda, resigns to join the consultancy group KPMG as a global advisor on climate change as announced… Continue Reading

Whither Cap-and-Trade?

Posted in Natural Resources and Environment, Regulatory, Tax and Tax Stimulus

The unveiling by the White House of its 2011 fiscal year budget in early February reveals that the current administration has become increasingly skeptical (or maybe we should say realistic) about the likelihood of Congress passing cap-and-trade legislation. Last year’s budget assumed that there would be $648 billion in new revenues over ten years from… Continue Reading

“Energetic” Legislature Proposes to Change Net Metering Rules

Posted in Legislation, Regulatory, Renewable Energy

The 2010 Legislature is dealing with no shortage of bills focused on energy topics ranging from renewable energy development to creation of an energy efficiency worker training program. As of February 12th approximately 110 bills that are energy related appear on the Legislative slate. Many of these bills have little to no possibility of passage… Continue Reading

Microlending to Make Changes to the Climate? One Green Baby Step at a Time

Posted in Capital and Funding, Climate Change, Renewable Energy

We are so “wowed” by the large amount of money being allocated to or earmarked for the development of renewable energy/smart grid/energy efficiency (all to the tune of billions of dollars), it might be easy to forget that efforts are being made in much less financially lofty places. Non-profit microlenders, such as Kiva, Grameen Bank… Continue Reading

Green Marketing Claims – FTC’s Latest Focus: False and Deceptive Advertising of “Bamboo” Textiles

Posted in Intellectual Property, Regulatory, Sustainable Business

Unsubstantiated “green” marketing claims have been the target of many FTC investigations and actions recently. As environmental and green claims have become the crux of so many companies’ marketing platforms, the FTC has shifted focus to protecting consumers interested in supporting and purchasing environmentally sound and sustainable products. However, the FTC’s main rule–that advertising claims… Continue Reading

Kerry-Boxer Bill – Part One of a Many-Part Series: Promoting Nuclear Power

Posted in Alternative Fuels, Legislation, Natural Resources and Environment

The pundits seem to be lost in an endless game of “how many ways can we say that governing is harder than it looked when President Obama was elected?” As any teenager would tell us, “well, duh!” It is clear that the President will not be able to march through nearly as much of his… Continue Reading