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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Will 2011 Be a Greener Year?

Posted in Alternative Fuels, Capital and Funding, Climate Change, Entrepreneurs, Green Building, Intellectual Property, Legislation, Regulatory, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Business, Technology

Will 2011 be a greener year? I think so. Here are my predictions for the coming year: 1. EV era has begun: While a single Nissan Leaf delivery to Seattle a week ago doesn’t signal the onslaught of an era, the first delivery and sprouting of EV charging stations around the Puget Sound area is… Continue Reading

One Year Extension Provided For All Clean Energy Tax Breaks

Posted in Renewable Energy, Sustainable Business, Tax and Tax Stimulus

Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010. In addition, the new law changes the estate and gift tax rules, extends unemployment benefits and reduces the Social Security tax that workers pay. However, the part of the new law that addresses clean energy issues has received far less publicity. Before the new… Continue Reading

Calling All Green Entrepreneurs…But Where’s the Money?

Posted in Capital and Funding, Entrepreneurs

So, you are an entrepreneur and you think you’ve come up with the next BIG IDEA that’s going to make the world a greener and cleaner place? Cool. Now what? You need money. Probably the biggest challenge of every new startup is financing. Financing is particularly challenging with greentech companies that require significant capital before… Continue Reading

Congressional Outlook for Green Tech in 2011

Posted in Capital and Funding, Legislation, Sustainable Business

By Rebecca Anderson I think that most are able to agree there are two key components necessary to the realization of green tech’s full potential, predictable financing, both from public and private sources, and clear regulation. Although there have been some bright spots in both funding and regulation, many feel that green tech is not… Continue Reading

No Climate Deal Out Of Cancun Yet, But Stay Tuned For More Last-Minute Drama

Posted in Climate Change

Tick… tick… tick… As the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun (“COP 16”) moves into its last few hours without a finalized deal, observers are wondering whether gridlock will rule the day, or whether we’ll see an exciting (if not exactly groundbreaking) 11th-hour deal like we saw from the last U.N. climate conference in… Continue Reading

Amending Washington’s Utility Statutes to Promote Green Energy Investment by Utilities

Posted in Regulatory, Renewable Energy

As Judy Endejan reported on October 21, the Washington State Clean Energy Leadership Plan Report identified regulatory influences and challenges as a key factor influencing clean energy job development in Washington. One of those challenges is the uncertainty utilities face in cost recovery because regulated utilities do not know whether they will be allowed to… Continue Reading

Will New FCC Internet Regulation Impact Smart Grid Development?

Posted in Regulatory, Renewable Energy

Earlier this week, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski announced his plans for regulating the Internet, to be considered at the FCC’s December 21, 2010 open meeting. Genachowski is proposing to regulate the Internet under the same looser communications regulatory authority (Title 1 of the Federal Communications Act) that has been applied over the past… Continue Reading