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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Hearing on HB 1268 Presents a Microcosm of Why Adopting and Implementing an Energy Policy that Moves Away from the Status Quo Is So Hard

Posted in Alternative Fuels, Legislation, Renewable Energy

The Washington State Green Energy Leadership Plan Report, released October 21, 2010, identified four areas where it found Washington State might be able to achieve leadership in emerging segments of the future green economy. As we discussed in an earlier post, for two of those areas – combined energy efficiency, green building and smart grid… Continue Reading

Seattle’s 2030 District Takes up the Carbon Neutral Challenge

Posted in Green Building, Natural Resources and Environment, Regulatory

By Cynthia Kennedy Concerns about global climate change are inspiring many innovative approaches to reducing carbon footprints. One local example is the Seattle 2030 District. The 2030 District is a group of downtown property owners and managers who are voluntary working together to collectively meet the Architecture 2030 Challenge for Planners throughout their district. The… Continue Reading

Carbon Sequestration and Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Technology- Hot Things on the Horizon!

Posted in Alternative Fuels, Climate Change, Technology

The largest and arguably most revolutionary carbon sequestration project is slated to break ground in Texas this fall and the Pacific Northwest has taken a leadership role in this development. Summit Power Group, Inc. out of Bainbridge, Washington, in conjunction with The Texas Clean Energy Project (TCEP) were awarded a $350 million award in late… Continue Reading

Wood-burning Planes – Jet Fuel from Biomass

Posted in Alternative Fuels, Natural Resources and Environment, Renewable Energy

Washington State hopes to promote the use of wood waste as feedstock for bio-jet fuel. Production of bio-jet fuel from wood waste would marry up two of the state’s most important industries – forest products and aviation. As a step towards that goal, the state Commissioner of Public Lands, Peter Goldmark, announced at a recent… Continue Reading

WUTC Issues New Policy Statement to Allow for Pre-Approval of Renewable Resource Acquisition (sort of)

Posted in Regulatory, Renewable Energy

In 2006 Washington voters approved Initiative 937, the Energy Independence Act (EIA) which requires larger utilities to either use eligible renewable resources, or acquire equivalent renewable energy credits to meet power needs. The requisite amount ratchets up from three percent of load as of January 1, 2012 to fifteen percent of load by January 1,… Continue Reading

Starting a Greentech Business? Top Legal Issues Faced by Startups

Posted in Capital and Funding, Entrepreneurs, Sustainable Business

In prior posts (Seattle Investors Want Low Tech Too, Calling All Green Entrepreneurs, Build, Buy, License, Strategic Partner), we’ve discussed potential strategies and sources of financing in the greentech space. Whether or not the particular business model of your greentech startup is capital intensive or not, your new business is likely going to be cash-strapped…. Continue Reading

Food Fight! Greenhouse Gas Regulation in 2011

Posted in Legislation, Regulatory, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Business

For most of the last two years it has been easy to write about climate change legislation. Two years ago, Washington State seemed poised to adopt its own version of a cap-and-trade program as part of the Western Climate Initiative. But that legislation faltered, because it was not well developed and state legislators were bombarded… Continue Reading

Seattle Investors Want “Low-Tech” Too

Posted in Capital and Funding, Sustainable Business, Technology

By Rebecca Anderson Maybe it’s because we are Seattleites that the term “low-tech” initially seems like something negative, but “low-tech” deals are in demand by the local angel investing community. This is a good reminder that Seattle is an epicenter for innovation – of all types. Yes, we have some of the very best innovative… Continue Reading

Build, Buy, License, Strategic Partner – And The Legal Strategies That Go With Them

Posted in Capital and Funding, Sustainable Business, Tax and Tax Stimulus, Technology

There is a straightforward way to think about and plan the growth strategy – and corresponding legal strategy – for your green tech company: • Build • Buy • License • Strategic Partner “Build” is Invented Here – development and commercialization of green tech products and services – When the growth strategy is Build, the… Continue Reading