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Monthly Archives: August 2011

The “Greenest Building in the World” is Being Built Right Here in Seattle!

Posted in Green Building, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Business

The Bullitt Foundation broke ground on its new home/office building in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle yesterday. It is touted as the “Greenest Building in the World”—quite a claim. But people should take note of the attempt to be energy neutral, carbon neutral, harvest/reuse rain water in 50,000 gallon cisterns—that may be even used… Continue Reading

Green Power Becomes Fashionable

Posted in Capital and Funding, Energy Conservation, Legislation, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Business

Several weeks ago, a headline caught my eye:  “Flagship Lord & Taylor to be 100% Wind-Powered.”  I read the short article that followed and learned that Lord & Taylor’s flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue and another store will be powered by renewable energy after the company signed a two-year contract with Green Mountain… Continue Reading

Oberlin, Ohio Joins the Ground Game of Carbon Neutrality

Posted in Alternative Fuels, Green Building, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Business

I was asked last week to refer someone to a consultant who could help them evaluate a business selling carbon credits and renewable energy credits. While I could suggest a consultant to do that, I had to note that selling carbon credits just isn’t the same business as it would have been if the United… Continue Reading

President Obama’s 30 MPG Dump Truck

Posted in Regulatory

by Matt Viers 2011 Summer Associate with Graham & Dunn The White House recently announced that, for the first time, the fuel efficiency of heavy- and medium-duty vehicles will be jointly regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Under the so-called “Heavy-Duty National Program,” EPA regulations will limit carbon dioxide… Continue Reading

New Federal Investment to Promote the Production of Drop-In Fuels

Posted in Alternative Fuels, Capital and Funding

President Obama announced on March 16 that the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Energy and Navy will invest up to $510 million over the next three years in a program to promote the production of biofuels that can be used to meet the country’s military and commercial transportation needs. Each of the government agencies will contribute… Continue Reading

Table Scraps as Renewable Energy – EPA Presentation Coming Up August 17th

Posted in Events, Renewable Energy

Food waste is one of the most important materials to divert from landfills. For one thing, food waste can readily be converted to other useful materials, such as compost for flower beds, so it’s a shame to send it to the landfill. (See http://www.cedar-grove.com/recycling.asp.) And even more importantly, as food waste decomposes it creates methane… Continue Reading

Washington Start-ups Should “Swing for the Fences” in the Efficient Energy Sector

Posted in Capital and Funding, Entrepreneurs, Technology

I was struck at a recent meeting with a “player” in the Cleantech financing space that all of the deals on which that firm is working involve companies located elsewhere than the State of Washington. Why should that be when Washington continues to rank as the #2 sustainable state in the U.S.?   Part of the… Continue Reading

Reclaimed Water – The Promise of a Great Idea Coming Soon to the Sammamish Valley

Posted in Legislation, Regulatory, Sanitation Improvement, Water Quality

Reclaimed water is a hot topic these days. Nearly all states now have regulations in place as to how to use reclaimed water. Recycling water is nothing new and has been used in other parts of the world out of shear necessity. But even in otherwise fertile areas like ours, we are collectively waking up… Continue Reading

Carbon Tax – A Potential Solution to the Debt Crisis?

Posted in Climate Change, Legislation, Tax and Tax Stimulus

By Jonathan Smith (2011 Graham & Dunn Summer Associate) On the heels of a potential debt ceiling resolution, the country is in search for effective remedies to the financial crisis. The far right has set its sights on eviscerating support for vital programs such as Medicare, unemployment insurance, and environmental protection. While the left seeks… Continue Reading

Building Green with Net-Zero Energy Technologies

Posted in Green Building, LEED, Technology

By Cynthia Kennedy This spring, we reported on two buildings under construction in the Seattle area that are designed to use net-zero energy. The engineering team for the new commercial net-zero energy building, the Cascadia Center for Sustainable Design and Construction, recently released a report describing how they plan to accomplish this feat. The six-story… Continue Reading