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Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Top Five Cleantech Stories of 2011, Part I

Posted in Capital and Funding, Entrepreneurs

The end-of-year holidays are all about family gatherings, religious celebration, retail mania, and of course, lots and lots of calories! But they are also a time to pause and take stock of the year gone by—to reflect upon our successes and failures, and then “resolve” to improve ourselves in the year to come. As our… Continue Reading

Washington Team Gets Funding to Push Solar Power

Posted in Department of Energy, Solar

Last week, the U.S. Department of Energy (“DOE”) awarded a Washington team $520,000 to accelerate the use of solar power in Washington. This money is to be used to target the “soft costs” of solar energy. Soft costs include permitting, installation, design and maintenance and they make up 40 to 50 percent of the total… Continue Reading

Doubling Down on U.S. Car Efficiencies by 2025 and Our Local Opportunities

Posted in Energy Conservation, Fuel Efficiency, Legislation, Patents, Technology

On November 16, 2011, President Obama and his administration made a bold announcement: The EPA and Department of Transportation reached a deal with all of the top U.S. based automakers (including Ford, GM, and Chrysler) where the annual mileage improvements will be 5% for cars in 2017. But, here’s the biggie: by 2025, these same… Continue Reading

Last Chance to Fix Up Your House and Get a Tax Break – Expiring Energy Tax Incentives for Individuals

Posted in Capital and Funding, Energy Conservation, Legislation

A number of financial incentives offered by the federal government to encourage the development and adoption of clean energy technologies and practices are set to expire at the end of 2011. We discussed one of the expiring incentives, the Section 1603 cash grant program, in an earlier blog posting. See “Last Chance to Take Advantage… Continue Reading

Washington’s Utilities and Transportation Commission Tackles the Conundrum of Distributed Energy, Part 2

Posted in Entrepreneurs, Legislation, Regulatory, Renewable Energy

As I tried to describe in Part 1 of this article, Washington has some structural challenges that impair its ability to develop distributed energy as a significant alternative to fossil fuel-powered electrical power generation. The regulatory system that has been built up over the last 100 years has powerful constituencies that it must protect. Those are… Continue Reading