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6 methods to combine audio files in Windows 10

How do I combine audio files?

1. Use Adobe Audition

The most obvious and simplest way to combine multiple audio files is through the use of dedicated software that can do just that.

These usually have a very straight-forward interface, and will get the job done faster than you ever could manually.

That being said, one great tool that you should take into consideration is Adobe Audition, a digital audio workstation that is a world-standard in audio editing.

Just download the free version of Adobe Audition, follow the installation guide and launch the software. Feel free to load all the songs that you want and combine the mp3 files to create a wonderful instrumental piece.

You can place your files one after another on a single track and mix that down, or you can use the Waveform function. By doing this, each track will be put at the end of the previous one, and all you have to do then is save the resultant file.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition

Get your hands on this advanced audio editing tool and create instrumentals like a true pro!

2. Combine audio files with the Command Prompt

  1. Right-click the Start button to open the Win + X menu.
  2. Select Command Prompt (Admin) to open the window shown below.
  3. Open the folder that includes the MP3 files you need to merge in the Command Prompt.
  4. You can do that by entering cd in the Prompt followed by the folder path.
  5. Enter this command in the Prompt: /copy /b audio file1.mp3 + audio file2.mp3 audio file3.mp3.

Of course, you’ll need to change the file names there to match your actual audio files and after this all that ‘s left to do is press the Enter key. That will combine the two MP3s in the copy /b command into one new output file.

3. Use Audio Mix

Combine audio file with Audio Mix software

Audio Mix is a Windows tool designed for all digital music lovers who are looking for a quick and easy way to combine multiple songs.

Thanks to Audio Mix you can combine, split and/or overlay audio tracks with just one click. The combination of the songs is precise and professional thanks to the crossfade effect. The crossfade is a feature that enables you to join songs so that they flow one into another seamlessly.

With this versatile tool you can convert mp3 files to ogg, wav, mp4, m4a and aac format or split songs and cut unwanted parts of the audio files with the Audio Splitter feature.

Feel free to overlay two or more audio tracks (eg. voice and music) with the Overlapping function and improve the quality of your songs by modifying the audio equalizer (bass and treble).

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