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7 of the best software to open CSV files in Windows 10

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic

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One tool to open them all!Popular file formats don’t need specific software anymore. Just download File Viewer Plus 4 and open them all in the same environment. Documents, media, archives, email, camera, infographics, source codes and many more – all are supported by this tool. Here’s what it does:

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CSV file, also known as Comma Separated Value file, is a spreadsheet file format which contains data sets which are separated by commas. Each new line is separated by a comma to represent a new database row. CSV files are important as they help exchange data and are used in many scientific and business programs.

However, CSV files are opened by spreadsheet programs – this enables you to modify the files into cells which transfer data between various databases. Here are the best software that you can use to open CSV files on your Windows 10 computer.

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