Apple now offers $120 Yoga mats so you can prepare for Fitness+ subscription launch

Back in September, Apple announced it’s bringing a fitness subscription service called Fitness+ which will offer guided personalized workouts starting December 14. The service itself will cost $9.99 per month when it launches or $79.99 if you subscribe for a full year and will offer various types of classes ranging from strength training to dancing and yoga.

Manduka Yoga block and mats

Manduka Yoga block and mats

Just in time of the launch of Fitness+ the Apple Store is now offering workout equipment like a $120 Manduka Performance Yoga mat as well as a $78 eKOlite mat and a $20 Cork Yoga block for body support. While not Apple branded these products give us a hint that Cupertino might soon offer more kinds of fitness equipment on its webstore suitable for the rest of its Fitness+ classes. We’ll keep you posted with more details on Apple’s fitness ambitions.

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