How To Spend Beautiful 48 Hours In Doha, Qatar

Qatar’s capital city Doha is becoming the top one destination amongst the tourists due to its traditional look that blends in modern time. It is a modern architectural Eden with ancient fashioned Qatari tradition. The fast-changing city offered lots of offer for a layover when traveling East or west in the Qatar Airways flights or just the land Doha to explore it in the minimum duration. The capital of the richest country is the uncover jewel of the Middle East and has been full of development regarding the futuristic landmarks, luxury hotels, and touristic spots.

It also sprung up due to the thriving and vibrant lifestyle, artistic center, and flavorful cuisine, aroma of the nightlife, yearly pleasant sun, and Arabian hospitality with a wide range of cultural events. So, you should take a break from the school, university or the working place to visit the most heart touching city. You don’t need to worry about planning or organize travel itinerary because it will quite difficult for you to manage 48 hours, while exploring the maximum Doha. Therefore, below down you can avail of the readymade travel plan that design in this piece of article only for your convenience. 

1st Day

If you are traveling from Pakistan then Lahore to Doha Flights will drop you on the Doha’s international airport or you are traveling any other destination, it does not matter. After arriving at the airport drop your bag into the hotel and start your trip from visiting the mosque “Sheikh Abdulla Bin Zaid Al Mahmoud Islamic Cultural Center”.

In this, you can get to know about Qatar and the Islamic culture. After visiting this mosque, let’s go ahead towards the Islamic art museum. It is a short walk across the Corniche from the Islamic cultural center. In this museum, religious art and culture are displayed all-round the year. The architecture of this museum is also appraise-able. 

Definitely, after visiting two sights, you feel hungry, then don’t bear the hunger and move toward the nearest restaurant for lunch. Must order the camel burger and take a tea that is the traditional drink in this city. After taking lunch, the afternoon will call you and suggest you to go on the Fuwairit beach. This beach is offering you, soft sand, rocks, and wind for kite surfing. You can swim and take a bath too, while the strolling on the beach is also a very pleasant activity. After quench thirst on the beach, it’s time to eat something new taste in the Doha.

So, return to the city and approach the Afghani food because it is affordable and yummy in taste, while full if hygienic. You can eat in a very comfort zone and your back gets support from the cushion. It’s not enough; the night will not end until you attend the vibrant nightlife. The non-alcoholic evening will be awaiting you at the Burj Al Hamam or Wahm showcase with an energetic aroma. 

2nd Day

The second day morning start in the center of the education and research in Qatar foundation, along it visit stunning horses in the club of Al Shaqab Equestrian, while you can take your breakfast in this club’s chef Garden restaurant that makes with fresh local food. After it, move to see the camel race that is just 20 kilometers far from this club in the west of this city. Now, returning to the city and have a Karak “strong” tea that is very common to regain energy.

After this drink, you should enter Qatar dynamic art sphere or fire station gallery. The small exhibitions are available in this cultural village and eat something from there on the lunch menu. Then walk through the Souq Waqif and explore the scarves, boxes, spices, and the jewelry, while the fresh Arabian food also showcases to recall the hunger again. After having dinner, reach the corniche fro the dhow cruise, enjoy the loud music and become the witness of the spectacular view in Doha’s sky and on-road. 

“After the end of the second day, go back to the hotel, bring your bag and approach the airport for the flight and say goodbye to the Doha and its beautiful appearance”

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