Top 7 Best Apps to Chat in 2020

If you would like to know the best mobile applications for chatting, you have found the appropriate information. Keep reading because below we present you the best apps to chat in a simple and very practical way with anyone anywhere in the world.


Undoubtedly, one of the best-known instant messaging apps to chat currently in our country, and probably also the most widely used, is WhatsApp. With this App you will be able to communicate easily with anyone and keep interesting chats that will also be saved so you can continue the conversation when you prefer. You can also send audios, videos, and images easily and very quickly.


Secondly, we find Viber, a chat application that is really known, especially among younger people, since in addition apps to chat, allows making calls. It is the best option available to chat with other people who have this App and an interesting alternative to WhatsApp. If you want to use a different chat to talk to the people who mean the most to you, it is a good alternative that you can download directly from Google Play for free.


Dating has become one of the essential needs of people in this modern day but the thing has been changed from the previous one because of the technology revolution. According to the great people have said that “modern problems require modern solutions,” so then Tinder Gold Apk was born and it has to make people’s life a lot easier than people can connect easily with the other. This is an app which makes people to make friends and then suddenly go to date and all that type of stuff


Another alternative to the classic WhatsApp is Line. It is really the direct competitor of WhatsApp in Spain, being the leader in chat communication in other countries such as Korea or Japan, where there is even an amusement park for this App. It is very similar to Facebook chat and can even be used on the computer, which is a very good option if you do not feel like using WhatsApp or want to switch to a different App.


This chat application is also really popular and very efficient. It is the Google chat and has different functionalities. We can use it directly from Gmail or install it on the mobile to be able to use it as a chat individually. It used to be called Google Talk but now it is known as Hangouts and it allows video talking and includes icons in written conversations.

Facebook Messenger

Another of the best known worldwide is Facebook chat. As with Google chat, it can be used directly from Facebook or used independently on the mobile. It is an interesting app because it allows you to send images to videos and documents and also with it you can talk to all the users you have on Facebook.

Instagram chat

Finally we find the Instagram chat. It is a practical and quality application with which you will be able to keep all kinds of private chats with the people you follow and also with those who follow you if you allow it. Also you can check how to use Instagram on pc It can only be used if other people have Instagram but it has many icons and even a geolocator so it is also an interesting option.

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