cannot generate SSPI context error [SQL Server]

In this article, we take a look at a few troubleshooting steps to help you resolve the cannot generate SSPI context error on the Windows server.

How can I fix the target principal name is incorrect – cannot generate SSPI context error?

1. Change SQL Service User

Try changing the SQL SERVICE user with the one that is Domain Admin. When you shut down the service, you need an account with privileges to create a new SPN (Service Principal Name).

When a service starts without it, it will trigger the error. Changing the privileges of your system account can fix the error.

However, it is always recommended for service accounts to give them the least privileges due to security reasons.

Remove the SPN entries from AD Users and Computers

  1. Open the Active Directory User and Computers in Advanced View.
  2. Look for the SSPN entries for MSSQL Svc.
  3. Remove all the entries associated with MSSQL Svc.
  4. Close AD User and Computers and check for any improvements.
  5. Change Active Directory permission.

2. Check your password

cannot generate SSPI context

The error cannot generate SSPI context can occur due to password issues. If you had recently changed your password, but haven’t logged out of your account, it can trigger the error.

Try logging out and then signing in with the new password to fix the error.

In other instances, the issue could be due to password expiration. Change the expired password and login with the new credentials to see if that resolves the error.

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