Carl Pei may have left OnePlus

  • Evidence suggests that OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei may no longer be with the company.
  • The rumor is supported by leaked internal documents.
  • OnePlus has not responded to our query on the topic. It declined to give a statement to at least one other news outlet.

Two men started the smartphone company OnePlus: Pete Lau and Carl Pei. Lau is the CEO of the brand and just received a new role at its parent organization OPLUS. However, a rumor that broke earlier today suggests Pei is no longer with the brand at all.

According to a rumor first posted by Android Police, some internal OnePlus documents leaked to Reddit. The documents — which may or may not be legitimate, there’s no way to tell — suggest that Pei is no longer a part of the leadership team.

We reached out to OnePlus directly for a statement. The company has not responded as of publishing this article. It should be noted that Android Police received a “no comment” response from the company.

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The previously mentioned documents also suggest that Pei’s currently-known position as the leader of the Nord line is now occupied by someone else. According to the leaked info, Emily Dai is now the leader of the Nord team.

Carl Pei featured very prominently in several documentary videos OnePlus published related to the development of the OnePlus Nord. If he is no longer in charge of that team, that would strongly suggest he is no longer a part of OnePlus.

We will update this article as soon as OnePlus confirms or denies the rumor.

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