Do you want to save changes to PDF before closing?

  • The PDF file is corrupted and Adobe Reader or Acrobat automatically repaired it without displaying a warning message over the same, which explains why the Save button is enabled (an automatic repair was performed).
  • The PDF has form fields and the NeedAppearances entry in the interactive form dictionary is set to TRUE. What this means is the conforming PDF reader generates an appearance stream for form fields in the PDF where necessary, so this enables the Save button. If the entry is set to FALSE, the conforming PDF reader won’t generate new appearance streams.

If you want to stop getting the message error, try the solutions below right away.

What can I do if PDF won’t save changes before closing?

  1. Download the latest Adobe Acrobat software version
  2. General troubleshooting
  3. Disable protected mode at startup
  4. Change saving settings

1. Download the latest Adobe Acrobat software version

latest version of Adobe Acrobat

Getting the same annoying message every time you try to close your PDF document is clearly frustrating. Even so, stop imagining the worst.

The issue you’re experiencing is often related to an outdated Adobe Acrobat, so don’t postpone grabbing the latest version.

All you have to do is to download the product from the manufacturer site. This simple action will save you a lot of time when going through countless troubleshooting steps.

Acrobat Pro DC

Acrobat Pro DC

Use Adobe’s complete PDF solution for any device and manage your documents like a pro.

2. General troubleshooting

fix adobe acrobat pdf corrupte files

Generally, Adobe Acrobat won’t prompt you to save a PDF file if you just opened and closed it without making any modifications.

If this happens, then it means the file has been modified, either due to corrupt files, or automatic repair. To resolve this, open the document, close and save it, then open again and close it.

If it doesn’t prompt you to save again, then Acrobat did an automatic repair on the PDF file in the first save operation.

If your PDF file is not bad or corrupted, then something within the PDF file is modifying it as we mentioned earlier.

You can check if this is causing the do you want to save the changes to pdf before closing issue by disabling Acrobat’s JavaScript in Preferences > JavaScript, then uncheck the Enable Acrobat JavaScript box.

Then, open and close the document.

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