ETD Control Center not responding error in Windows

However, few users ever utilize touchpads as alternatives to mice on their laptops. Thus, the ETD Control Center is a somewhat superfluous program.

Some users have also posted on the Microsoft forum about an ETD Control Center not responding error that arises in Windows. Those users spot an ETD icon on their taskbars that displays a not responding error when they click it.

If that is your case as well, this is how to fix the ETD not responding error.

How can I fix ETD Control Center’s not responding error?

1. Update the touchpad driver

Users who actually prefer to keep the ETD Control Center in system startup should try fixing the ETD error by updating the touchpad’s driver.

On this note, we recommend using DriverFix. You can easily download and install the tool by visiting the webpage (as shown below).

Upon launch, DriverFix will automatically scan your device and return a list of outdated drivers, plus all the compatible fresh software it can find in its huge database.

From there, you’ll have the option to update either only the touchpad driver or all essential drivers.



You don’t need expert tech knowledge to get rid of confusing system errors. Just to keep your drivers up-to-date with this tool.

2. Remove ETD Control Center from the system startup

  1. Press the Windows key + X hotkey and select Task Manager.The Win + X menu ETD Control Center
  2. Click the Start-up tab.The Start-up tab ETD Control Center
  3. Then select the ETD Control Center, and press the Disable button.
  4. Optional: You can click Enable to re-enable ETD Control Center in the system startup if you ever need the touchpad.

This solution applies if you rarely use the touchpad (which is the case with the majority of users).

On the other side, if you know that you’ll never use it, you can uninstall the problematic program completely, as shown in the following solution.

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