Excel spreadsheet gridlines don’t print? Try this

One user added that:

Borders were printing last week on older version of Excel. With 2010, gridlines and borders are not printing.

How do I make Excel spreadsheet gridlines print again?

1. Update the printer’s driver

You’ve heard that it’s essential to have your drivers properly updated. Outdated driver versions often lead to major stability problems, so make sure this isn’t your case as well.

When you first plug in a device, Windows will often install its own generic version of the driver itself, and the devices should get basic functionality from the start.

However, you want more than that for your printer. Manually looking for the right drivers is a challenging task. Avoid it from the start by downloading and installing DriverFix.

DriverFix updating drivers

This tool gives you the chance to instantly update all your drivers with a few clicks and get back to printing in no time.

No less important, before you go obsessing about keeping your drivers up to date, start using this tool to schedule driver scans. Isn’t it easier this way?



When dealing with Excel spreadsheet gridlines printing issues, there’s a chance to find that they’re driver-related. Use DriverFix right away!

2. Make sure the Print gridlines option is selected

  1. Check that the Print gridlines option is selected in Excel.
  2. Click the Page Layout tab shown directly below.
  3. Select the Print check box under Gridlines.

The Print check box excel spreadsheet borders and gridlines not printing

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