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Extract CAB file in Windows 10 [Complete Guide]

How do I extract a CAB file in Windows 10?

1. Use WinZip

winzip extract cab file windows 10

WinZip is a well-known file archiver software, and it’s the best way to extract CAB files. The software offers native support for CAB files, and you can extract them simply by opening them with WinZip.

The software also supports ZIP, RAR, 7Z, TAR, ISO, IMG, and other popular archive formats. WinZip can compress any file type, and there’s an encryption option available, so you can easily protect your files.

WinZip can also be used to manage, backup, and split files, and there’s even support for cloud storage sharing. If you need a tool that can handle CAB files out of the box, WinZip is the best choice.

Other great features:

  • Can handle all popular archive formats
  • Native support for CAB format
  • File encryption
  • File management, file splitting
  • Cloud storage support


WinZip is a file archiver software that can easily open and extract CAB files.

2. Use the command line

  1. Press Windows Key + X to open Win + X menu.
  2. Now select PowerShell (Admin) or Command Prompt (Admin).
  3. Now you just need to run one of the several commands explained below.

There are two commands that you can use to extract CAB files, and we’ll show you how each of these commands works.


Expand -F:* C:WindowsReport


extrac32.exe /L "C:WindowsReport"

These commands are useful since they can extract CAB files without relying on any third-party software. However, to use these methods you’ll need to have the same familiarity with the command line.

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