FIX: Overwolf not recording

Here are a few troubleshooting tips for fixing Overwolf recording error messages.

How can I fix Overwolf recording errors?

1. Update graphics and sound drivers


Some users might need to update their graphics and sound card drivers to fix Overwolf recording issues. That’s might be your case as well.

The most straightforward way to update drivers is to use DriverFix. You just need to download and install it.

Upon installation, the tool will automatically scan your PC for missing and out-of-date device drivers. Don’t hesitate to click the Update Now button if the scan results include a sound or graphics card.

DriverFix updating drivers

Assuming that your problem is finally solved, be sure of the fact that DriverFix will prove useful in the future as well.

There’s a database of 18 million driver files and a drivers’ backup feature is included too, so make sure that no similar issues could prevent you from enjoying a smooth experience.



When dealing with repeated Overwolf recording errors, chances are it’s a driver issue. This is where DriverFix steps in!

2. Check the minimum system requirements

minimum system requirements

First, check that the laptop or desktop meets the minimum system requirements for Overwolf recording. Users will need PCs with at least four GB RAM.

NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards that support NVENC or AMF beta encoders are another requirement. Furthermore, an Intel i3 processor that supports Intel QuickSync is the minimum CPU required for Overwolf recording.

Users can upgrade desktops that don’t meet the minimum system requirements for Overwolf recording. Add a new graphics card that supports NVENC or AMF encoding to the desktop.

In addition, desktop users can expand their RAM with new RAM modules.

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