Google Chrome critical error red screen [2021 Guide]

There was a dangerous try to get an access to your personal information & bank information. Luckily, your Firewall managed to block this suspicious connection.We recommend you to freeze your accounts until some measures will be taken… Contact number + 1 (888) 563-5234 (TOLL-FREE). Your urgent response is needed.

Is Google Chrome critical error legitimate?

If you ever encounter Chrome Critical error red screen on your PC, you should know that this is a scam.

Even if the message seems alarming, do NOT call the number on the screen or visit any links that the page is suggesting.

Your urgent response is NOT needed, at least for the number provided. The Critical Error is in an adware scam made to convince users to ring the number in it.

How can I get rid of the Google Chrome critical error scam message?

1. Use Malwarebytes to remove it

Malwarebytes offers a very versatile and powerful adware and malware removal service that will surely be able to get rid of the pesky Critical Error message.

To use this software, all you will need to do is download the installer, run it, and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

After the setup process has completed successfully, simply run the app, and scan your system.



Easily and completely get rid of the Google Chrome critical error message by using this powerful software today.

2. Try a different web browser

multiple browsers

If Google Chrome Critical red screen error appears in your browser, you might want to consider switching to a new browser such as Opera. The browser is based on Chromium engine, so it’s quite similar to Chrome.

The browser comes with a built-in ad blocker, so you won’t have to deal with ads ever again. As for privacy, the application has a built-in VPN with unlimited bandwidth that will protect you online.

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