Google debuts Assistant work routine’ for those still working from home

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  • Google is introducing a new work routine to Assistant.
  • The routine is aimed at helping home office users balance their work/life schedules.
  • The routine is available to activate on Android and iOS.

If your life revolves around Google’s ecosystem, Assistant routines have become an integral way to execute multi-threaded tasks with one command. Now, the company has announced a new ready-made work routine that should lend a hand to those still working at home.

The routine – when enabled on iOS or Android – will remind you to get up and stretch regularly, remind you of the time, or simply alert you when it’s time to pack up and relax. These alerts and reminders can be attuned and customized to better suit your workday, too.

Google also reiterates that other Assistant features like reminders, agenda listings, and daily snapshots, are available outside working hours.

The routine seems a pretty simple, no-brainer introduction, but addresses a huge issue in the working world at present. Finding a balance between work and home has become one of 2020’s silent challenges. Google’s addition, at least for those who use Assistant at home, should aid those feeling overwhelmed and disorganized.

For those who are crunching time remotely, we have resources for readers working from home and beyond the office, so be sure to check that out for more tips and tricks.

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