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The terribly bizarre 2020 is finally behind us and here we are, hoping for a fresh start. We can only hope the next twelve months will be calmer, safer, and happier. Thank you for being with us through this loooong year that felt like a rollercoaster, but we’re ending on a high.

The year has been extremely busy, even from the confinements of our own homes. With hard work and perseverance, we surpassed 1 million subscribers on our YouTube channel, even if we were on the brink of actually closing it after it got hijacked.

We posted over 6,100 news articles, trying to filter all the plausible leaks and provide you with meaningful coverage on all the teasers and official announcements. We also managed to output 160 reviews, each unique on its own, and our Instagram page has been growing strong during its second year of life.

We know you’ve been visiting our website trying to have a better grasp of what phone is a deal and what is a bust. That’s why we launched our Deals page with a very neat Price History button so you get the edge when looking for bargains.

The loudspeaker test was entirely reengineered so now it should be far more relevant to a much wider audience. We also brought Binkies onboard – a company that allows you to look at a phone from every angle in 3D.

Happy New Year 2021!

We know a lot of people had a challenging year, so we just want to wish you health, happy moments, and success in all personal and professional ventures. Remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn so here’s to a brighter future.

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