Hardware device is not connected (Code 45) error

Error code 45 pops up most especially on Windows 10 PC when the OS is unable to communicate with the connected device.

The error implies that the connected hardware device is not being recognized by Windows, hence the error message.

However, this error can also be caused by corrupt Windows registry keys, outdated device drivers, or faulty hardware. Meanwhile, we have come up with applicable solutions for the error code 45 problem.

What can I do if Windows 10 won’t recognize hardware?

  1. Try performing a DISM scan
  2. Update the drivers
  3. Run Windows Update
  4. Repair PC Registry
  5. Uninstall and Reinstall Driver
  6. Run Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter
  7. Replace the USB Device

1. Try performing a DISM scan

  1. Type cmd in the Windows search tab and click on Run as administrator to start Command Prompt with full rights.
  2. Once the Command Prompt opens, enter the following command and press Enter to run it: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
  3. The DISM scan will now start. This scan can take about 20 minutes or more, so don’t interfere with it or interrupt it.

If the previous method didn’t fix the problem for you, perhaps you might want to try running a DISM scan. This is fairly simple to do, and you can do it by following the steps above.

Once the scan is finished, your installation should be repaired and the issue will be gone.

If the DISM scan fails, you can read this excellent guide and fix it quickly.

2. Update the drivers

  1. Right-click the Start button and select Device Manager from the list.
  2. Click on the category of the affected device (such as USB, mice, keyboards, etc) to expand it.
  3. Right-click on the affected driver and click on Update driver.
  4. Follow the prompts to update the device driver.

This is all good but manually updating all the drivers can be a tedious task. This job is a lot quicker and easier if you use a third-party solution that updates and fixes your drivers automatically.

The tool recommended below is especially easy to use and effective so you will get maximum results with little to no effort from your part.

DriverFix Updater Results
Most of the time, the generic drivers for your PC’s hardware and peripherals are not properly updated by the system. There are key differences between a generic driver and a manufacturer’s driver.
Searching for the right driver version for each of your hardware components can become tedious. That’s why an automated assistant can help you find and update your system with the correct drivers every time, and we strongly recommend DriverFix.
Follow these easy steps to safely update your drivers:

  1. Download and install DriverFix.
  2. Launch the software.
  3. Wait for the detection of all your faulty drivers.
  4. DriverFix will now show you all the drivers that have issues, and you just need to select the ones you’d liked fixed.
  5. Wait for the app to download and install the newest drivers.
  6. Restart your PC for the changes to take effect.


Keep your PC components drivers working perfectly without putting your PC to a risk.

Disclaimer: this program needs to be upgraded from the free version in order to perform some specific actions.

3. Run Windows Update

  1. Go to Start, type update in the search box, and then click on Check for updates to proceed.
  2. In the Windows Update window, check for updates and install the available update error 45
  3. After the update is complete, restart your Windows PC.

In addition, you can fix code 45 error problem by updating your Windows 10 OS to the latest version.

Microsoft constantly releases Windows updates so as to improve the system’s stability and fix various issues and errors associated with the startup error. Follow the steps above to update Windows 10 OS.

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