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How it works and how to remove it

For that purpose, we prepared a detailed explanation of this malware and ways how to remove it from your system.

If your browser is already infected or you want to find out how to protect, make sure to continue reading.

Quick tip:

Whenever you suspect that any type of malware has gotten into your OS, your first concern should be to clean the device as quickly as possible. It is possible that you have to enter Safe Mode to do that.

VIPRE comes with a Ransomware Protection tool that is designed to find exploits even before they are launched.

However, if the system has already been infected, the tool will rapidly scan your system and detect even the most advanced known or emerging threats, thanks to the ultimate technologies it uses.

VIPRE Antivirus Plus

VIPRE Antivirus Plus

Get rid as soon as possible of any threats that have infiltrated into your system with this powerful antivirus.

What is Foxiebro malware and how it works?

Foxiebro is primarily a variation of BrowserModifier (adware), but it is commonly associated with Trojan viruses and various spyware extensions.

It installs in the background and integrates into your default browser. And then the problems begin. This nasty malware commonly comes in form of an add-on, plug-in, or browser extension.

Once installed, it will do the following:

  • Bombard you with numerous ads in search results, on web sites, or with pop-up advertisement windows.
  • Change the default search engine and the home page of the affected browser.
  • Tweak registry keys in order to start with the system.
  • Occasionally hijacking your online accounts and spam acquired e-mail address.
  • Enable viruses and malware to install on your computer in the background.

So, it’s not only an annoyance as BrowserModifiers tend to be but a proper high-level threat. An ad blocker might help you to some extent, but as you can see for yourself, ads are only the tip of the iceberg.

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