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How to draw on photos and videos in Windows 10

In addition, the Photos app lets you create an animation of your drawing process on images and give you the option to share it as a video.

Over the years, new pen types and other different colors have been added to let you customize your best photos and share them with others.

On top of that, Microsoft also streamlined common tasks and editing tools, including the cropping and rotation tools, through a constantly refreshed user interface.

You will also find a horizontal navigation bar to help you sift through photos categorized by albums or folders, so what are you waiting for?

You should better act quickly when inspiration strikes.

How can I draw on photos and videos in Windows 10?

1. Effortlessly draw on photos and videos by using the Photos app

use Photos app
  1. Start by opening a video or a photo from your gallery.
  2. Then, select the Edit and Create option.
  3. Click on Draw next.
  4. From the Windows Ink Toolbar that shows up next, choose your preferred pen.
  5. Select the size and color of the fonts you’d like to use from a range of palettes.
  6. Start drawing on the images and videos. No one is hurrying you up!

If you ever wondered how to draw on videos on your PC, this is the simplest method that you can use.

2. Download Adobe Photoshop

draw on photos with Adobe Photoshop

If you want to have more options to edit photos and videos in Windows 10, what do you think about giving a try to Adobe Photoshop instead?

This is the go-to software when you intend to render an image into high resolution, alter the skin tone, play with color options, and make all sorts of everyday edits.

As for those of you looking to transform ordinary images into professional ones with ease, Photoshop offers a plethora of tools in that regard too.

Incredible brushes that may be easily controlled with stylus or touch on an iPad and countless graphic design filters are within reach of anyone trying to make a statement in terms of creativity.

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