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How to extract password protected RAR file without password

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2. Use a frequently used password

Another commonly used method, before trying anything else, could be thinking and making some guesses in regard to your password.

It depends solely on how you usually protect your files and what type of passwords you are using, but it’s not uncommon to have used the same password on multiple tools.

This could be the case here as well, therefore its worth giving it a try. Perhaps you are using often your birth date, or initials from your name or home town.

There are some really big chances that by trying this a few times, you will actually end up guessing the right one.

3. Use Notepad

  1. Open the archived file using Notepad.
  2. Press Ctr+F and type Ûtà in the Search bar and replace the results with 5³tà.
  3. Next, search for ‘IžC0 and replace the results with IžC_0.
  4. Next, save the file and open the RAR file.

4. Recover the RAR password online

Another useful method you can try in order to recover your password, if you don’t want to use the other ones, is to use an online RAR password unlocker.

Usually, using this sort of tools is pretty easy and in just a few easy steps you can recover your files.

One such online tool is HashCrack but keep in mind that you can only recover wak passwords and files that don’t exceed 200 MB.

Weak passwords are the ones that don’t include a lot of special characters, or numbers and letters altogether. They are easier to guess and also to remember.

All you need to do in order to recover your RAR password online is to go to the above website and simply upload your archived file by pressing the Browse button.

From there you will only need to wait for your password to be recovered.

Make sure to keep in mind, when choosing this method that is advised you have your antivirus software activated on your device.

Considering that you will upload your file over the Internet and download it afterward, it’s necessary that you keep your device protected from unwanted threats.

5. Use a password manager software

create outlook account fix password issue

It can be a lot of trouble trying to remember all the password for each tool used on your device, especially if you are using different ones for each app.

This is where a dedicated tool where all your passwords are stored safely comes in handy.

In using such a software you will take out a lot of pressure from your sholders trying to remember everything.

Not to mention that the traditional way of writing them down takes some time, can be a bit difficult and it does not guarantee that your passwords will be kept safely there.

Anyone could find them by mistake and this could compromise the security and even confidentiality of your data, especially if you are keeping sensitive information on your device.

There you have it. We hope that one of these recommendations helped you open your RAR file, even if you don’t remember your password.

We would like to hear which one worked best for you and you can let us know in the comments section below if you have additional suggestions or recommendations.

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