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How to open CGI files on PC

The CGI scripts are primarily for web forms and search boxes. For example, many developers add CGI scripts to pages that send out form data to email addresses.

The Common Gateway Interface files are essentially text documents that include scripts. Perl is the most common programming language for CGI scripts.

However, developers can also code them in C. All you need in order to open a CGI file is a text editor that supports this format.

How do I open a CGI file on my Windows PC?

1. Use Adobe Dreamweaver

IF you are serious about web development, then a great place to start is with Adobe Dreamweaver.

This web development platform is designed to easily get you started in visually creating web pages and as you progress, you can start working with scripts.

Using the simplified coding engine, you can easily get started in learning HTM or CSS and reduce errors thanks to the built-in visual aids.

However, if you want to skip all of that, there are thousands of templates you can use and modify to suit your website.

The pages you can create with Adobe Dreamweaver look stunning, and they change dynamically depending on what device you’re viewing them on.

Some of the features to look forward to when using Dreamweaver is the multi-monitor support, the live view editing, as well as the easy-to use UI.

This great software is also compatible with a multitude of formats such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many more.

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