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How to open OMF file in Windows [4 Top software] • File Opener

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  • If you are passionate about creating audio and adding sound effects, you will are familiar with the problem of exporting your audio file.
  • Most of the standard audio players don’t recognize OMF files, and it’s necessary to use dedicated software to avoid error message.
  • The Adobe Suite offers a professional audio mixing software, that supports the OMF file format, among others founded below.
  • We compiled for you the best list of OMF file openers that include other features like creating, mixing, and designing audio effects, so read on!

While working with the audio editors, you may come across the OMF file and wonder what’s an OMF file.

OMF is an audio file that is stored in a media format based on OMFI (Open Media Framework Interchange). If you received the file from a friend or colleague, you might want to know how to open an OMF file in Windows.

OMF does not work with a standard audio player, and you may end up with an error. This is due to the audio project saved in the OMF format consists of multiple audio tracks and its properties such as pan information, volume, and references to audio files.

In this article, we take a look at the best software that can open OMF files in Windows. Let’s get started.

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