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How to sign PDF with timestamp [Best solutions]

How can I electronically sign a PDF with a timestamp?

1. Sign PDF with timestamp using a third-party software

  1. Open or create a new document in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Click on the Sign tab and then choose Work with certificates.
  3. From Certify, select Visible or Not Visible.
  4. Click and drag where your signature to where it should appear on the page.
  5. Select the option Sign As that will display your Digital ID.
  6. Click on Info in the dialog box to verify certificate details.
  7. Click Appearance to select a previously used signature.
  8. Click on Create your own to add an image,  change size and font or to include or exclude other information.
  9. Check Permitted Actions under Certifying tab to limit or expand actions for other people.
  10. Click Sign.  

Adobe Acrobat is simple and intuitive, and it’s the best way to sign PDF with timestamp.

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat, you can get it from the link below.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat

Use Adobe Acrobat to stay connected with your team and simplify your workflows!

2. Sign PDF with timestamp using Nitro PDF

  1. Open File, navigate to Preferences and expand Digital Signature.
  2. Choose Time Stamp Servers, and go to Available Servers.
  3. Click New to add a new timestamp server, enter name and URL for it, and then optional login information.
  4. Click OK to save the settings you made. 

The next steps are the part when you must set correctly an already existent timestamp server.

  1. Select Acquire timestamp from attestable server and tick its checkbox.
  2. Select a timestamp server from Available servers.
  3. Click Edit and enter new information in the Time Stamp Server.
  4. Click Set Default to use a specified timestamp server.
  5. Click OK.

If you want to use the default timestamp server and it is unavailable, do not worry. Nitro Pro will use the first available timestamp server from your list. 

We advise you to list the server in an order according to your preferences. This is another great method that you can use to sign PDF with timestamp, so be sure to try it out.

Get Nitro PDF

3. Use PDF Signer

PDF signer how to sign pdf with timestamp
  1. Tick the Time stamp document checkbox.
  2. Press Time Stamp Settings.
  3. Check box from Time Stamp Server requires authentication, and insert username and password.
  4. Check the Use Nonce box to include Nonce on a time stamping request.
  5. Check the Time Stamp Server Policy box and enter a valid OID.
  6.  Verify the Hash Algorithm to have the SHA1 option or change it to SHA256/384/512.
  7. Check the box from option Apply verification according to PAdES-LTV. 

The third step is only to be used if the Time Stamp Server requires authentication. The Nonce is a number that allows you to check the timeliness of response when there isn’t a local clock available.

The TSA requests may require a Timp Stamp Server Policy that contains a valid OID in the form of, for example.

Once you have performed these settings, you will not have to sign each document individually.

This applies when you choose PDF Signer, a product that allows you to sign quickly multiple PDF files. This software is useful for signing a large number of corporate documents.

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