Lenovo Smart Clock Essential has Google Assistant

lenovo smart clock essential

  • Lenovo has unveiled the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential speaker powered by Google Assistant.
  • It displays the time and weather, charges your phone, and even has a nightlight.
  • It will compete against the Echo Dot when it arrives in September for $50.

If Lenovo’s regular Smart Clock is overkill as a bedside speaker, you’ll soon have a lower-cost option that could make more sense.

The company has unveiled the $50 Lenovo Smart Clock Essential that foregoes a conventional LCD in favor of LEDs that communicate vital info like the time (of course) and the weather. There are a few perks, though. A built-in nightlight helps you find your way around without waking everyone, while a USB-A port on the back can charge your phone.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential: Just the basics

It won’t be an audio powerhouse between the 3W mono speaker and the two microphones, but it does have a fabric finish as well as easy-to-hit playback and alarm buttons.

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The Smart Clock Essential will arrive sometime in September. It’s significantly more affordable than the $80 standard Smart Clock and might make sense if you don’t need much more from a smart speaker than a helper for your morning routine.

There’s some fierce competition, however. Amazon’s Echo Dot with clock won’t display the weather, but it delivers a surprisingly rich sound for its size. It certainly makes the most sense if you live in an Alexa-centric household or use services that don’t have Google Assistant support, like Apple Music. If you’re not attached to another digital assistant, though, the Smart Clock Essential may be worth a look.

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