LG Wing may cost more than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip and Note 20 Ultra

  • The LG Wing could cost as much as $1,600 in South Korea, according to a new report.
  • At this price, the novel device would cost more than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip.
  • The phone could launch as early as September.

The LG Wing concept is perhaps proof that the Korean firm’s entering another one of its wild design phases, but this ingenuity may come at a cost to consumers.

According to a report from South Korean publication Herald Corp (via Twitter user Sleepy Kuma), the swiveling smartphone could retail for ~1.9 million Korean won (~$,1600) in its home market, possibly making it LG’s most expensive smartphone to date.

To put its purported price tag into perspective, the LG Wing may be more expensive than both the 1.49 million Korean won (~$1,260) Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and the 1.45 million Korean won (~$1,220) Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Notably, the latter’s US price is ~$70 more than its South Korean sticker, which could indicate a bigger premium for the LG Wing should it launch in the States.

Exclusive: A first look at the LG Wing with its twisty dual display

The publication’s source suggests the presence of the second screen and LG’s desire to make the phone thin and light will cause a steep bump in price. We imagine the second display’s novel twisting setup adds a fair bit on top of those costs too.

Although the LG Wing’s rotating dual-screen design is intended to improve multitasking, giving users a screen on which to type and another to display the currently running apps, it would be an exorbitant price to pay for an unproven design. But it’s nothing LG hasn’t done before. The company is no stranger to pushing novel designs to market, such as the LG G5 and G Flex range, even if they aren’t well-received by critics or the public.

Herald Corp believes the LG Wing could make its debut in South Korea as soon as the end of September with a launch no later than October. A concrete release date and price have yet to be confirmed.

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