Microsoft Store error 0x80070005 [Complete Guide]

Some users have reported that they encounter a strange error 0x80070005 while trying to update their apps from Microsoft store.

The error usually appears when a DLL file is denied permission, so it is most likely a result of an update that messed up your Microsoft Store files. One other cause could be a lack of file or registry permission.

How can I fix the update error code 0x80070005?

  1. Reset the Microsoft Store
  2. Run the built-in Windows Troubleshooter
  3. Use a third-party repair tool.
  4. Gain full control over the Packages folder
  5. Update your Windows
  6. Perform SFC scan
  7. Check the Date, Time, and Time Zone

1. Reset the Microsoft Store

  1. Open the Windows search bar.
  2. Type in Apps & features.
  3. On the right side, click on Microsoft Store.
  4. Then click on Advanced Options.

  5. On the pop-up window, click the Reset button.

The first thing we try with most Microsoft Store problems is resetting Microsoft Store. After you reset the store, it will get back to its default settings, so if something was set wrong, it will now be fixed.

Your Microsoft Store cache is now reset, and that could help you to solve the problem. However, if this didn’t help, try some of the following solutions.

2. Run the built-in Windows Troubleshooter

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Then Update & Security.
  3. Then click on Troubleshoot.
  4. Go to Additional troubleshooters.
  5. Select the Microsoft Store Apps.
  6. Launch it and let the program run its course.

Windows 10 features a built-in troubleshooter that can help you fix general technical issues. This tool is very useful as it allows you to quickly fix the respective issues within minutes.

Troubled by system errors? Check this guide and get rid of them.

3. Use a third-party repair app

Being plagued by errors while using your device can be quite irritating, so you need a program that will keep your system healthy at all times.

Run a System Scan to discover potential errors

Restoro Scan

Click Start Scan to find Windows issues.

Restoro Fix

Click Repair All to fix issues with Patented Technologies.

Run a PC Scan with Restoro Repair Tool to find errors causing security problems and slowdowns. After the scan is complete, the repair process will replace damaged files with fresh Windows files and components.

Thankfully, Restoro is a great software that will do just that. Not only will it keep your computer files in pristine condition, it will also stop malware from ruining your system.

Windows Update is meant to improve the overall performance of your operating system, integrate new features, and even upgrade the existing ones. However, there are times when certain errors may occur out of the blue.

Thankfully, if you happen to run into such issues, there is a specialized Windows repair software that can help you solve them in no time.

To be more precise, Restoro is a complete system solution ready to restore your PC to an earlier point, with no trace of the annoying error you are worried about.

windows troubleshooters

This powerful and yet compact software enables you to resolve Windows Update errors with just a few clicks of your mouse and without the need to worry about any other side effects.

Next, we will present you with a step-by-step guide that will allow you to successfully set up Restoro. It is up to you to start resolving a great variety of issues, including Windows Update errors:

  1. Download and install Restoro.
  2. Launch Restoro.
    • Restoro will now compile data about your PC.
      Restoro first scan
  3. Wait for it to find any system stability issues and possible malware infections.
    • Once the scan is complete, Restoro will show you a summary of your PC’s current status.
      Restoro repair
  4. Press Start Repair.
    • Restoro will now start downloading and replacing and faulty registries, DLLs, and any other damaged files it may have found during the scan.
    • This is possible thanks to the online libraries that is uses for comparison, replacing damaged data with its perfectly functional equivalent.
  5. Restart your PC for all the changes to take effect.

Your PC should now work perfectly fine, and you will no longer have to worry about slow response times, BSoD errors, or anything of the sort.

Disclaimer: This program needs to be upgraded from the free version in order to perform some specific actions.

4. Gain full control over the Packages folder

  1. Press Windows key + R to open the Run command.
  2. In the Run window, type %localappdata% and press enter.
    run the localappdata command
  3. Now, find the folder Packages, right-click on it, and go to Properties.
  4. Go to the Security window, and make sure you have full control over the folder.
  5. If you can’t find your username, click Advanced, and in the next window, click Add.
  6. Then click Select a principal.
  7. Then type users in Select User or Group box.
  8. Then click Check Names.
  9. Lastly, check the Full control for Basic permissions section.Store Error Code 0x80070005
  10. Click Apply then OK.
  11. Reboot your computer.

One of the solutions that worked for people who faced this problem before is gaining full control over the Package folder in App Data.

After gaining full control over the Packages folder, you should be able to update your Microsoft Store apps without any problems.

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