System error 67 has occured? Fix it in 5 easy steps

If you need to fix that issue, check out some of these potential resolutions.

How can I fix the System error 67 on Windows 10?

1. Update the network adapter driver for the domain controller


Updating the network adapter driver on the domain controller server might fix the System error 67 that you are dealing with. That’s why this is our first recommendation for you today.

In order to quickly update the network adapter driver for the domain controller, don’t hesitate to use DriverFix.

This tool will literally solve the problem for you by scanning the computer for missing and outdated device drivers.

Once they are identified, choose only the adapter driver to update or download and install all of your out-of-date device drivers at once.

DriverFix updating drivers

It’s convenient that you can always see the download progress of each of your files, not to mention that you can easily schedule driver scans.



When dealing with the System error 67, chances are to find that it’s driver-related. Use DriverFix right away!

2. Check the command’s syntax

net map command System Error 67

System error 67 can often be due to a syntax error within the net map command. So, double-check you’ve entered the net map command right.

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