Walmart Plus launches September 15 with free grocery delivery and more (Update)

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Update: September 1, 2020: Walmart has confirmed that its new subscription service, Walmart Plus, will officially launch on September 15. This article has been updated to show what will be included in the service.

  • Walmart is about to launch a new subscription service called Walmart Plus.
  • The service will launch September 15 to compete with Amazon Prime.
  • Perks will include unlimited same-day grocery delivery and more.

Walmart is finally ready to offer its answer to Amazon’s highly popular Prime subscription service. The company has confirmed that Walmart Plus will launch in the  US on September 15.

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Cost of Walmart Plus

The service (branded as Walmart+) will cost $98 a year, compared to the current $119 annual price tag for Amazon Prime. The company will also offer a $12.95 monthly option. There will be a 15-day free trial for the service as well.

Benefits of the service

Walmart Plus will lean into the fact that Walmart is the biggest grocery retailer in the US. Subscribers to the service will get free, same-day, delivery of over 160,000 items, including groceries, from 2,700 Walmart locations.

Another benefit is Scan & Go. You can go into any Walmart store and, while using the Walmart app, scan items you want to buy. You can then pay for those items in the app, so you don’t have to deal with long lines at the checkout counter.

Finally, over 2,000 Walmart, Murphy USA and Murphy Express fuel stations will offer Walmart Plus subscribers up to 5 cents a gallon discounts when they fuel up their car. That will also expand to Sam’s Club fuel locations in the future.

Walmart says other services will be added to the subscription service in the months to come.

Will Walmart Plus be worth the price?

The big question: Will this new service offer enough for customers to want to pay $98 for a year of access? Amazon has certainly had a huge success with its Prime service. In 2018, it claimed that it had over 100 million Prime subscribers. That number has certainly gone up since then.

However, Walmart has thousands of physical locations that are in place just in the US. If people don’t want to bother going to Walmart locations for grocery shopping or other means, this subscription could ultimately save them time and money.

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