Weekly poll: will your next phone be small, medium or large?

This year Apple unveiled its largest phone ever alongside the smallest iPhone in a long while. The iPhone 12 mini stands alone in its size category, as the SE is bigger (despite having a smaller screen) and the Xperia 5 II is not really a Compact phone.

It’s clear that at this moment large phones are winning, but Apple does have the uncanny ability to start new mobile trends. Next year could see Android makers returning to the mini category, after abandoning it years ago.

If that happens, would you buy one? Or will you continue to go up in screen size until you get something that can pass for a tablet?

Weekly poll: will your next phone be small, medium or large?

The ever-growing screen sizes were starting to reach impractical dimensions, but foldable designs unlocked the potential to grow much bigger without sacrificing portability. The first generation was a bit rough, the second one is much better and in 2021 the only true Android flagships may be foldables (for example, there’s talk that Samsung will axe the Note series to focus on the Z Fold and Flip).

We know that screen size isn’t the only thing that determines the final dimensions of a phone. But most makers have standardized on thin bezels with some workarounds (notches and punch holes) for hardware that doesn’t quite fit. Plus, a comfortable reading and viewing experience is determined by the screen size, so that should be the leading factor (bezels can get only so small).

So, as a guide line, will your next phone be small, medium or large?

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