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What is .djvu file extension virus and how to remove it?

What is .djvu file extension virus?

DJVU file extension (.djvu) virus is a recent class of ransomware, which attacks your PC and encrypts essential files on your system.

The virus changes the extension of all essential files (DOC, TXT, PDF, XLS, JPG, PPT, MP4, MP3 etc.) into the encrypted .djvu file extension.

In most cases, such an attack is accompanied by a ransom demand, which seeks to blackmail you into paying a certain amount of money to gain back access to your files.

This virus typically enters your system via spam emails, email attachments, insecure downloads, malicious ad campaigns, and phony installers.

Essentially, the virus could infect your system via an insecure connection to a foreign or third-party system, site or device.

Upon successful infection, a ransom message pops up on your computer’s screen, demanding a certain fee (usually in bitcoin) to get your files decrypted.

Unfortunately, many computer users fall victim to this and pay the requested ransom.

Hence, to securely protect your computer against this virus, the ultimate solution would be to remove all .djvu file extensions (and the accompanying virus) from your computer.

According to recent findings by security experts and system analysts, there are several variations of this ransomware. These include: .djvu (standard), .djvuq, .djvur, .udjvu, .djvuu and .djvut among others.

However, there are now standard techniques and solutions that can easily be employed to remove these file extensions (and accompanying ransomware) from host PCs.

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