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The only downside is that it creates a Windows startup command when you first install it and automatically launches every time you boot your PC.

The good news is that File Association Helper is just a clean third party software. It doesn’t download or install malicious codes into your PC, nor does it behave like malware.

The respective scheduled task is named FAHConsole_Reg_HKLMRun. In other words, FAH uses computer resources even when you don’t actually need the tool.

You can easily locate the program and other associated files. All the files and folders created by this software share a common element, namely they begin with ‘fah’.

Fahwindow.exe is the executable file of this program, while other associated files include fah.exe, fahwindow.exe, etc.

Usually, the installation folder is located at this address: C:Program FilesFile Association Helper.

You can uninstall File Association Helper in less than 5 minutes. Here are the steps to follow:

How do I remove File Association Helper?

1. Use a dedicated tool to remove software leftovers

If you would perform all the steps after this one, you would have removed 99.9% of all the files and folders left behind by File Association Helper. However, there may be a few files that escaped your scrutiny. In order to make sure that you have removed all of them, you can also use a dedicated software uninstaller.

These applications are specially designed to remove the selected application along with all of its files and registry entries. As a result, the application will be completely removed from your PC.

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