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What is SppExtComObjPatcher.exe? How can I remove it?

The most common locations this file has been reported to lurk on our hard drives are: C:WindowsSetupscriptsWin32SppExtComObjPatcher C:WindowsSetupscriptsx64SppExtComObjPatcher

Even though Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe looks and acts like a keylogger (possibly collecting and sending information to third parties), this file is part of the operating system of your PC. 

It appears on users’ systems after they illegally used it to activate either their Windows operating system or other Microsoft products without actually buying the software.

Needless to say, using pirated software is not the way to go. Doing so exponentially increases the risk of malware and virus infections. Not to mention that it’s illegal.

Illegal software brings only trouble to you and your devices. Read why in this quick article.

What is SppExtComObjPatcher.exe?

SppExtComObjPatcher is part of Key Management Service (KMS) Licensing for Microsoft Products.

Because this file is not natively part of a freshly bought Windows software/application, if you find this file on your PC after buying a seemingly fresh version of Windows, then it means that your copy of Windows is pirated.

But that’s not surprising since Windows activators are often plagued with malware.

The antivirus software on your PC is picking up on this .exe file because the people at Microsoft do not want pirated copies of their operating system on the market. And rightfully so.

If you are knowingly using a pirated version of Windows, then having this file run in the background of your system is totally normal.

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