Windows 10 could not reconnect all network drives [Easy Fix]

While this default notification is there to let you know that some devices from your network cannot be currently used, it can be also a false positive. In this case, you should learn how to disable it.

In the tutorial below, you will learn how to fix the problems related to this system notification in order to get the best Windows 10 experience.

How to fix Windows cannot connect to all network drivers?

1. Use Driverfix

Driverfix is one of the most efficient tools for always keeping your PC up to date. It comes with an easy to use interface and an advanced yet simple technology that helps you maintain your device in top shape.

As soon as you install it, Driverfix will start scanning your PC for updates and download those patches that are essential in order for your drivers to function at their best capacity.

Thanks to this software you’ll have over 18 million driver files available for download at any time. With the schedule manager, you can perform regular scanning in order to ensure your device runs smoothly.

You also get to see which programs are missing important updates thanks to an accurate report provided by Driverfix.



Keep your PC up to date with this tool that brings you over 18 million driver files at your fingertips!

2. Make Window wait for the connection before mapping network drivers

  1. Press the Win+R keyboard hotkey for bringing the Run box on your computer.
  2. In that window type gpedit.msc and press Enter, the Group Policy Editor will be launched. open gpedit windows 10
  3. Access Computer Configuration then Administrative Templates System and click Logon.
  4. Next, just enable the Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon group policy field.
  5. Apply these new settings and save your options.
  6. Reboot your Windows 10 system in the end.

Usually, when the Windows cannot connect to all network drivers message is displayed, the policy that maps your drivers is initiated and completed during the start-up process, so before you can log into the system.

Basically, there is no active connectivity by that moment, meaning that the drivers cannot be loaded until you complete the Windows 10 log in sequence.

Thus, in that case you have to configure a local group policy object that can force Windows to wait for the connection before enabling the mapping process.

3. Connect the actual external driver

If this notification is related to a driver that is currently disconnected from your computer, you only have to re-establish the actual connection.

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