Windows needs more space error during update

The window above gives users an option to update Win 10 with an external storage flash drive. However, a certain amount of free C: drive space might still be required to update Win 10 even with external flash storage.

That window will not include a Continue button when there’s an X beside part A for free C: drive space even if users have inserted a sufficient USB drive for part B.

Users can click the Free up space button on the Windows needs more space window. That button opens Storage in Settings from which users can click drive C to open a storage usage list.

That shows users what file categories are hogging the most space.

Quick tip:

Resource-hogging programs can just as well be responsible for this issue as shown above.

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How do I free up space for Windows Update?

1. Click the Free up space now option

Users can also click a Free up space now option on the Storage tab in Settings to erase temporary files.

Windows will then scan for temporary and superfluous files wasting hard drive space. Then select some file checkboxes there, and press the Remove files button.

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