WinRAR Access is denied error in Windows 10

Other users simply downloaded a WinRAR file from the Internet. Extracting the files from it should easily work, yet that’s not the case.

WinRAR files often get damaged and refuse to run showing this message when the download is complete due to software malfunction, a sudden system turn off, removal of the storage media, and more.

If you also see this Access is denied error, it’s time to take immediate action. We offer you a few troubleshooting tips that should resolve the issue, so check them out below.

How to fix WinRAR access is denied error?

1. Try out a different file compression tool


An archive might have dozens of files compressed in it and is it required to safely keep them there until you want to access them.

This can only be achieved by making use of a reliable file compression tool like WinZip. Give it a try too and you’ll see how simple it is to compress/decompress, protect, and share your files.

Yes, if your priority is security, then do keep in mind that WinZip protects your data with banking-level encryption.

This archiver also has quite a few nifty features to organize your photos in the cloud and it gives you the chance to access and edit files shared with you by others.

By taking into consideration all these aspects and the fact that it will keep you away from the Access is denied error, do consider downloading WinZip and using it as a WinRAR alternative.



Looking for a way to solve the WinRAR Access is denied error? Give a try to WinZip and you’ll forget all about this issue!

2. Try to re-download the WinRAR file

re-download the WinRAR file

When encountering such issues, you could also re-download the WinRAR file. As said before, this might be caused due to various reasons including interruption during download and system shutdown.

In spite of that, this doesn’t mean that your file is corrupt and cannot be fixed. Just re-download it and once again try to extract the files off it.

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